Our  Corporate and Social Responsibility Strategy

As a leading international distributor of communications support materials, Antalis believes that its development must take into account economic, social and environmental concerns.

Antalis Corporate Social Responsibility actions are fully in line with its parent company Sequana’s global strategy. It aims to ensure that the group and all its entities embrace responsibility for the company’s actions related to economic, social, ethical and environmental concerns.

“Sequana's objective is to conduct profitable, long-term business with strong ethical and responsible values that incorporate economics, humans, social and environmental issues. It is our responsibility is to ensure that the core values of the group are implemented and reinforced in our day-to-day business”. Pascal Lebard, Sequana’s CEO.

With this common policy, built upon 4 core themes and 8 initiatives, Sequana and its branches are able to address the main concerns of a leading company from the pulp and paper sector.


The four pillars of our CSR strategy:

  1. 1Governance (CSR policy, business ethics).
  2. 2Natural resources (traceability, Energy and Water consumption)
  3. 3People (Safety, skills and diversity)
  4. 4Product offer  with eco-responsible products


• Governance

CSR Policy and network
The group seeks to implement a global CSR policy with a dedicated network and strong and reliable reliable reporting processes that will ensure that the  group and all its branches focus, in a consistent way, on CSR priorities. This policy is being translated into quantified targets for all eight initiatives.

Business Ethics
The group aims to implement clear ethical policies and rules of behaviour in order to respect legal requirements on competition and corruption. The group is responsible for ensuring that the rules governing ethical issues are clear, understood and applied through specific training and information processes.

• Natural Resources

The group has a responsibility to ensure that 100% of the products it produces or distributes are fully traceable and legal.

The group and its branches seek to optimize energy consumption in order to improve the energy efficiency of their mills and warehouses, and to develop alternative sources of energy.

The group and its branches strive to improve management of water consumption and the quality of water discharge.


• People

The group is reponsible for providing its employees with a safe and healthy working environment. The group aims to reduce the “Lost Time Injury rate” in its mills and warehouses by 30%.

Skills and diversity

The group is developing a policy to capitalise on skills and knowledge and to enhance diversity in the group.

• Product Offer

The group needs to communicate on the environmental perfomance of its products and to educate and inform the customer. It is the group's responsibility to ensure that the environmental credentials on its eco-responsible range of products provide the customer with solid and reliable information.